Kentucky and Duke haven’t sucked this bad since Watergate… literally

John Calipari and Kentucky are just 6-12 so far this season.Illustration: Getty ImagesIt’s no secret that the blue bloods of college basketball have been worse this year than an Amy Schumer stand-up special.Traditional powerhouse teams that have relied heavily on young talents like Kentucky and Duke are struggling worse than a communications student in a Calculus III class. The current conditions of the pandemic and the slow vaccine rollout have made everyday life even more difficult for these younger athletes.Plus, they just haven’t been able to play that well.Things haven’t been this bad for both the Wildcats and Blue Devils at the same time since 1974, when Richard Nixon’s presidency was on the brink and the Jackson 5 were making music for Motown.It’s been a very wacky season for everyone this year, but the struggles of these two universities are noteworthy not only because of the rarity of these teams being hot garbage but because of how both of these programs have been structured in recent memory. G/O Media may get a commissionUsually, both of these institutions send their fair share of one-and-done prospects to the NBA draft following the season, yet neither of these teams seem to have prospects that can currently make a difference on an NBA roster. And with the programs bringing in top four/five-star talent next season, it’ll set up an interesting situation for both John Calipari and Mike Krzyzewski.This season will likely be an anomaly for both these programs but when you haven’t looked this terrible since before the Rumble in the Jungle, we can’t let you off the hook.Duke and Kentucky will need to get it together to avoid their first losing seasons since 1994-95 and 1988-89 respectively. .

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