Bayley invites longest-reigning Women’s Champion of the last 35 years to WWE SmackDown


Bayley has challenged Kay Lee Ray to appear on WWE SmackDown to prove herself as WWE’s longest-reigning Women’s Champion in recent history.Posting on Twitter, Kay Lee Ray wrote that she has now hit 524 days as WWE NXT UK Women’s Champion. The impressive tally makes her the longest-reigning WWE Women’s Champion since The Fabulous Moolah over 35 years ago. Kay Lee Ray won the title from Toni Storm in August 2019 Bayley quickly replied to Kay Lee RayAs the tweets above show, Kay Lee Ray said she could reach 10,170 days as WWE NXT UK Women’s Champion one day. That is the number of days that the WWE Women’s Championship was held by The Fabulous Moolah between September 1956 and July 1984.Bayley held the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship for a record-setting 519 days across her two reigns with the title. She responded by inviting Kay Lee Ray to WWE SmackDown to face the “real” longest-reigning WWE Women’s Champion.Bayley and Kay Lee Ray in WWE Kay Lee Ray appeared in the 2017 WWE Mae Young Classic tournamentWhile Bayley has almost five years of WWE main-roster experience, Kay Lee Ray has never performed on WWE RAW or WWE SmackDown.The NXT UK Women’s Champion has competed in 28 televised WWE matches, with most of those matches taking place on NXT UK. She has also appeared in the Mae Young Classic tournament and on NXT.
Published 06 Feb 2021, 00:34 IST


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