Day 1(payday)

Monday Major: Sagar Choudhury ชนะ Iron Man Karan Lochab เอาชนะ Voyager

Today is payday for me and my check is $1,130 . I owe my girlfriend $240, rent $100 , and a minimum of $500 on credit card payments , PayPal credit payment , a $180 phone bill that’s gone to collections and is lowering my credit score every day . I need new tabs for my car since mine expired the first of the month which will be $50. I have my laptop and microphone in the pawnshop that will be $280 to get out . Adding that all up and I’m basically broke the second my check clears . The demon in my head is telling me to risk $200-$400 on roobet in hopes of winning enough to leave myself with money to last me til next payday or win big enough to possibly get a credit card paid off. My credit score went from 780 to 490 in a little less then 2 months due to making out my newest credit card of $3k. I’m roughly in $6k worth of credit card debt and it’s eating me alive even though the amount realistically isn’t that outstanding . As of right now I am telling myself I can’t even afford to risk gambling $80 and I can’t gamble this check no matter what , but as we all know that doesn’t work out and you end up doing the exact opposite thing that you said you CANT do. Last paycheck I ended up gambling the whole thing without making a single payment to credit cards , rent , or even paying my girlfriend back .started out as a $80 deposited , lost it , then deposited another $120 and I won $600 . I told myself “just one more bonus buy since I’m winning and I cash out if it doesn’t go good” Bit by bit I sat their and lost everything I won.. so I deposited even more and more until my check was gone and I was left with that empty feeling we all have come to know. I’m going to just start off with the goal of going one whole pay period (2 weeks) without gambling since I haven’t gone that long in years. This check is to get me out of the big struggle , but within 3-4 more checks IF I can stay focused and not gamble , the progress and debt relief will be life changing and I can finally start saving money again. Any words of encouragement to help me get through my first payday without gambling is highly appreciated. submitted by /u/No_Addition3584 [comments]

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