Recent increase in all these “Just Relapsed”/ “Day 1 Again” posts..

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2/5/21…originally posted 2 months ago…I’m starting to see a major uptick on the “Just Relapsed”/ “Day 1 Again” posts…felt I need to repost again, without replying to each post…I’ve been a sick compulsive gambler for 20 years and its been 674 days since I placed my last option trade / casino bet. And yes, this whole GameStop madness has stressed me a bit, but I don’t have access to money so I just go through the emotions and move on. Please read below. Take care.Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well. I keep seeing all these “Day 1 again” posts. I know us sick compulsive gamblers have different opinions and life circumstances. The fact is that if you are in the grips of this progressive illness willpower is not enough to stop gambling. You cannot have access to money during your recovery or quite frankly ever. I’ve been a sick compulsive gambler for 20 years and it’s been 590 days since I place my last option trade / casino bet. This has been my longest stretch being trade/bet free. Why has this been my longest stretch? It’s because I finally realized that placing as many barriers between my money and my sick compulsive gambling self was the most effective method of not being able to gamble. When an alcoholic stops drinking they cannot have bottles of alcohol at home on the shelf tempting them to drink again, when a drug addict stops they cannot have a drawer full of drugs at home tempting them…when a sick compulsive gambler stops gambling we cannot have access to accounts, credit cards, or cash that is readily available to place that next bet. You simply can’t. We need to be financially accountable to someone. You will experience pain, withdrawal, emotional distress, night sweats just as any other person that has an addiction problem. There is no difference. I’ve had to deal with so many different emotions during these past 590 days. If I had access to my money I would have relapsed guaranteed. I have accepted the reality that I cannot have access to my money for the rest of my life. I am a single person, I found many ways to be accountable to my siblings. I encourage you to read my previous early posts for advice on how to place barriers between you and your money. You can do this, the earlier the better, don’t let 20 years pass by and your life has been totally consumed by this insidious disease to realize that it was preventable simply by limiting access to the tool that we use to escape to fantasyland. Money. I hope the best for everyone in their continued recovery and as someone on this group has mentioned in the past “your continued rediscovery” you will learn new things about yourself once your slowly released from the grips of this disease.

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