3 most underwhelming Fighting Pokemon from Kanto

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The Kanto region started the Pokemon journey and gave fans their first look at most of the Pokemon types.One of those is the Fighting-type category. Many of the Fighting-type Pokemon from Kanto are still some of the best in the entire Pokedex. Some of them, however, are much more underwhelming than others from the same region. That doesn’t mean they are bad. It just means that they don’t live up to the standards set by those who are exceptional.3 most underwhelming Fighting Pokemon from Kanto#3 – Primeape Image via The Pokemon CompanyAs a fully evolved Fighting-type Pokemon, Primeape doesn’t meet the hype that the likes of Machamp or Poliwrath do. If Primeape comes first, players should go ahead and use it. Otherwise, it is best served as a Pokedex filler. There are a lot more stronger Fighting-type choices in Kanto.

#2 – Mankey Image via The Pokemon CompanyMankey, as the pre-evolved form of Primeape, falls into the same category of underwhelming. Players can get a Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee just by defeating the Fighting Dojo Master. Those are two incredibly powerful Fighting-type Pokemon that need no evolution to reach their full potential.If Primeape is underwhelming, then Mankey is even more so because it takes an evolution to power it up completely. There is nothing wrong with it if it is caught early. Once another Fighting-type is available, it is a good idea to send Mankey to the PC.#1 – Machop

Image via The Pokemon CompanyMachop eventually evolves into arguably the strongest and most popular Fighting-type Pokemon. Being the first form of such a strong creature, though, it is a bit underwhelming. It doesn’t exude the same power that Machoke or Machamp do.In fact, Machop is a cute and cuddly compared to its later versions. The truly dedicated will get a Machop, evolve it quickly, and trade it as fast as possible for a Machamp. That makes the actual Machop itself pretty useless.
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