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It was just over one month ago that we reported on Chris Moneymaker saying his goodbye to PokerStars after 17 years as an ambassador. As one of the most prominent members of the brand, it came as quite the shock when he and five others left the brand at the end of 2020. While the split between him and PokerStars was amicable, it did leave many of us wondering what would be next for the Main Event winner of the 2003 World Series of Poker (WSOP).Well, you need not wonder anymore, because details have emerged on Chris Moneymaker taking the decision to sign up as an ambassador for Americas Cardroom instead. This news was announced on Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2021.Of course, the likelihood is that Chris had plenty of options open to him, being such a big name in the industry. And Moneymaker is highly adept at promoting poker, so what was it that made him decide to sign up with Americas Cardroom? And what will his role with the brand allow him to do?Chris Wishes to Stay Close to HomeIn a video posted to his Twitter feed, Moneymaker informed his followers that 2020 had been a strange year. However, despite this, he mentioned that he had enjoyed doing less traveling and had instead relished spending the time at home with his family. And as it happens, this is one of the prime reasons for him to become an ambassador for Americas Cardroom.Chris lives in Mississippi, and so as to avoid traveling from place to place around the world for work, he would sooner stick within the U.S. Unlike the PokerStars brand, Americas Cardroom is accessible to players throughout most the country, making it a lot more appealing for someone in his shoes to become a member of the team. Speaking of the decision to join the platform, Moneymaker had the following comments:I’m 45 years old, I’ve got three kids, I can’t not work. But I’m not qualified for anything anymore. I couldn’t do your taxes as good as H&R Block could. My only qualification at this point in life is, ‘do you want fries with that?’Moneymaker is likely not content with taking up a job with his local McDonald’s. So when Americas Cardroom came a-calling with the offer of making him a face of the poker room, he was very much excited by it. Even though he had other career options laid out before him, such as opening his own card room in the state of Texas (something he will still potentially proceed with anyway), Moneymaker continued to play online poker.Moneymaker spoke of somehow managing to start a conversation with Phil Nagy, the CEO of the Winning Poker Network. Hearing of what Americas Cardroom is doing and all the improvements it is making right now, he was reminded of how PokerStars grew its name back in 2004 –’05.By tackling bots and making various renovations to the site itself, Americas Cardroom has inspired Moneymaker who heaped praise on his new boss. While PokerStars could have resigned him for another year and given him a salary to not really do anything, Moneymaker liked what Nagy laid out on the table for him, and now he gets to move forward with Americas Cardroom.COVID-19 Had a Lot to Do with Moneymaker’s DecisionThere is little doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant effect on businesses and events around the world. The poker scene has also suffered at its hands with multiple live events being postponed and inevitably cancelled for safety reasons. Since March 2020, Moneymaker has avoided attending any live events that did go ahead. And it was due to this that he discovered that Americas Cardroom offers him an opportunity that PokerStars does not.Instead of having to travel around, he can play online at the poker site that he represents. Nobody really knows when the COVID-19 situation is going to end, and Moneymaker has stated that the future is very unclear for live poker events too. Due to the fact that he resides in Mississippi, which is hundreds of miles away from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan where PokerStars is operational, it became very difficult for him to represent the company as he could not access the site. This made Americas Cardroom a surefire alternative for Moneymaker, and he elaborated:I could be locked up in my house for another six months or a year. I want to be able to play poker and be proud of being able to play and support the site that I’m playing on, and that was ACR.Moneymaker Follows in the Footsteps of Randy “Nanonoko” LewAmericas Cardroom seems to have gained quite a few representatives and ambassadors of late. In January, it was reported that Randy “Nanonoko” Lew had been hired by the brand. However, he has not been brought on board as an ambassador for the company. Instead, Nanonoko will operate as a Security Consultant and Gameplay Expert.Even though Americas Cardroom already has quite a large collection of security consultants operating there, the introduction of Lew was a bit different. To those in the know, he is the first big-name to have been hired by the brand in such a position. Nanonoko has frequently allowed people to watch his poker gameplay via the Twitch streaming service as well.Being hired by Americas Cardroom in the roles mentioned sees him work alongside the current security team. Therefore, Lew will be aiming to unearth any fraudulent activity such as collusion or the activity of bots on the site.The fact that Americas Cardroom is taking aim at these aspects of the poker world in such a big way is what appealed to Moneymaker during his conversations with Phil Nagy. The WPN has been heavily targeted by bots in the past with players reporting periodic surges in the number of bots appearing in the poker room, which led to the platform beginning a new crackdown on them.However, the difference between Lew and Moneymaker is that the former cannot participate in poker via the Americas Cardroom site. Even though he is an American, Lew now resides in Australia where the poker room is not accessible. Moneymaker, on the other hand, can access the poker room from his Mississippi residence.Moneymaker Jumps into Role of AmbassadorOnce the announcement was made of Moneymaker’s signing with ACR, he jumped into the role feet first. First of all, a promotional video was released with the poker pro commenting on how proud he is to be in this position and how much he is looking forward to working with the site’s registered players. He proceeded on with rating Americas Cardroom as “the fastest online poker internet site in the world.”From there, he took on the role of providing commentary for the $8 million Venom final table, which occurred on Wednesday, Feb. 3. Live streaming from his home via the service, Moneymaker proved to be a hit with other viewers.Chris Moneymaker Participated in the Live Stream of the Venom Final TablePlay vs. Moneymaker Today!If you want the opportunity to face off against the newest ACR site rep, then you can do so as he has indicated that he will be playing a variety of games and stakes. Look for him at the tables under the screenname “MONEYMAKER.”Of course, you will need to have an account at Americas Cardroom first before being able to test your skills against Chris Moneymaker. Read this fact-laden ACR review for additional information on how to sign up and grab a limited-time 100% up to $2,000 deposit bonus. 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