WPT GTO Trainer Hands of the Week: Restealing Against The Button


Today you’ll be playing a common tournament spot where you reraise from the Big Blind against a tough Button that has a fairly wide opening range. When facing a player with a high steal frequency, you should combat this by widening both your calling range and reraising range from the Big Blind.
Since this is a tough player, we should not fire a continuation bet 100% of the time on the flop. On boards that favor the caller’s range such as connected, coordinated, middle cards flops, we should check with a large portion of our range. This is also true of many flops with two broadway cards, as these boards connect well with the caller’s range in this low Stack to Pot Ratio (SPR) spot. When we do c-bet, we should generally use a small sizing of around ¼ pot.

On the turn after your c-bet gets called, you should generally fire a second bullet on cards that improve your equity in the hand or improve your range’s equity. You also want to make sure that you are pursuing value with your big hands such as overpairs. Do not give cheap or free cards in a pot that is now very large when you have a strong but vulnerable one-pair hand.
When you check-call on the flop, you should pay attention to whether the turn card improves your range or Villain’s range. If it improves your range, consider donk-leading out on the turn or check-raising all-in. Both are viable options to maximize your equity realization on these cards that benefit you.
Finally, when considering making a call on the river, always be aware of where your hand falls in your overall range. If you have one of the better possible hands you can end up with in that situation, consider calling or reraising. If your hand is fairly low down in your range in that spot, you can simply give it up and fold on the river.
As a reminder, the correct play may not always result in you winning the hand since we focus on long-term winning plays and not the results of any one hand.
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