Is There Such Thing as a Beginner’s Luck?

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Whether you’ve been gambling for a while now or have never placed any bet before, you most likely have already heard of the term beginner’s luck. If you’ve never gambled, you’re most likely hoping that you get that stroke of luck to win any casino game. However, is there such a thing?
Many people who don’t have any experience in gambling would scout different casino media sites like to get tips and to know which casino sites have the highest payouts. However, there are a few who would go to a casino site blindfolded and would heavily rely on their luck.
It’s perfectly fine to believe in beginner’s luck especially if you’re thinking about gambling. It does happen and you probably have friends or acquaintances who swear by this.
What is Beginner’s Luck?
If you look this up on Google, it’s interesting how there is a Wikipedia page for this. Wiki defines this as a phenomenon for beginners or newbies to experience a disproportionate frequency of success, especially against expert players.
Beginner’s luck is said to occur when a player is new to a game or if the mindset of the player is not yet concerned about the nuances of the game that they are playing. If you don’t have any serious knowledge of a casino game just yet, then you can still experience this type of luck.
However, some people see this differently. Some would say that this is only applicable to the first game or the first few games that you play. Some would also that there could be beginner’s luck if you’re new to a casino. And so, if you’ve never played on Australian online casinos before, then you may still have beginner’s luck on these sites.
Are There Particular Games that You Should Play?
This term is now used on anything that a person is unfamiliar with, but it is still typically associated with gambling. There is no specific game to play to experience this phenomenon, but stories involving this likely involve the game of slots.
The thing about slot machines is that it’s all about your luck. You can’t exactly develop a strategy in playing this game. You can choose slot machines with high RTPs but there is nothing you can do to manipulate the outcome of this game.
This could still happen in table games like Blackjack and Poker but it’s easy to explain why novice players who win this usually win big. If a player isn’t knowledgeable about the game that they are playing, they are more likely to place risky bets. This is because they can’t comprehend the risks of the bets that they are placing.
Meanwhile, expert players have a lot of things in mind when playing the game. Their moves are calculated and they most likely avoid high-risk bets. And so, novice players can get those exciting wins, which we will then call the beginner’s luck.
Is This Backed by Science and Statistics?
A direct answer to this is no, no science can back its existence. You may see some numbers that might make it seem that it exists, but there’s no solid study about this yet. And so, beginner’s luck is still classified as a belief.
There was a Norwegian study that involved over 4,000 gamblers that found 55 percent of high-risk players have said that they experienced beginner’s luck. Meanwhile. only 21 percent of not at-risk players said that they also did.
This is why this type of luck can be associated with problematic gambling behaviors. It’s easy to understand why. Winning can feel the urge to place more bets and if one experiences this phenomenon, he or she may keep on believing that not learning about a game could make them win more. They could be blinded by this and just keep on playing with a blindfold.
If you ask around, you’ll probably find gamblers who would tell you that they eventually lost the money they won because of beginner’s luck. When you’re new to casino gaming, it’s so easy to get so worked up on your first win. Some would get too excited that they ended up betting away their first big win.
This is why these gamblers would kindly advise newbies to back away once they win a decent amount. Many are already doing this that the story of beginner’s luck is still very much alive. Overall, it’s hard to say that there is such a thing, but it’s perfectly fine to believe in this. Just make sure that it won’t negatively impact how you gamble moving forward.
Feb 8, 2021Jason Frakk

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