my parents fought again because of gambling and idk what to do

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this is gonna be a long rant/postthey already fought a lot of times about this before, and each time, my mother would always forgive my father. my father doesn’t want to disclose the money he owes to other people due to his gambling after all the times my mother asked him about it.after their last argument (last year) regarding my father’s gambling problem, they had a deal that my father wouldn’t do any gambling again and therefore, he came back to our house and we lived normally again.but last week, after getting drunk, my father went to a casino and my mother only knew about it the next day because of my father’s friends.right now, my father is staying at his friend’s house because my mother wouldn’t allow him to go here. my mother is also planning for a separation now due to that.i dont know what to feel about this. i was there when my father did those mistakes again and again, and my mother forgave him everytime. i even lectured my father one time and i expected that he would listen to us for once.he is a very good father to us, but i also know that his bad habit is slowly ruining our family.i pity my mother so much which is why i didn’t reject her idea of being seperated with my dad but at the same time, there’s a part of me that pities my dad and wants him to be back with so torn right now and i dont know what to do. can you guys give me advice anout this?

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