PokerStars suffer biggest overlay in online poker history


We recap some stories you may have missed including DNegs won’t quit and a poker fan gives us the WSOP Player of the Year.

PokerStars record overlay
It is rare to see overlays of any kind at PokerStars but this one was staggering. During the Big Blowout series last month a single event had a $1,232,700 overlay. 
The $109 Big Blowout had a $5 million guarantee and needed 50,000 entries to cover it, it got 37,673. 
This, according to pokerfuse, is the biggest overlay both in PokerStars history and online poker history, as well as the second biggest overlay in poker overall:

Guaranteeing an ambitious $5 million for a buy-in of just $109, @PokerStars’ Big Blowout tournament fell short by a whopping $1.23 million. 😱This makes it the largest overlay ever in the history of online poker and the second-largest overlay across live and online.
— pokerfuse (@pokerfuse) December 29, 2020

Negreanu does not back down
He was almost down $1 million at one point, he is running bad and being outplayed, but Daniel Negreanu is not giving up. 
He had the option to withdraw from his heads-up challenge against Doug Polk at the 12,500 hand mark but has pledged to keep going for the full 25,000.
The second half has so far gone well for him. Last night he booked a $27,005 win against Polk but he will have to put in a lot of work to overcome the current overall deficit of $743,248.

It’s Jan 1st 2021 and we have reached the halfway point of the challenge having played 12,500 hands. As agreed upon in the rules I have the option to quit. That is not going to happen. The second half resumes Monday, Jan 4th 2:30pm
— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) January 1, 2021

WSOP Player of the Year?
We have had a Main Event champion and a Hall of Fame induction, the only thing missing now is a WSOP Player of the Year. 
The World Series did not declare one but one 2+2 user put together a Player of the Year ranking which combined the US and International online player pools. 
He used his own scoring system based on the WSOP formula, so it is not an official result but given the WSOP has had its own problems with the Player of the Year formula, we think it is good enough. Click the table below to see the full list:

Spraggy News
We hope this is a regular feature, the funniest streamer in the game Ben Spragg gives us a quick round-up of the latest poker news in is own unique way:

🌏 Poker Twitter Poker News Update 🌏⚡BREAKING TWITTER NEWS ⚡
— Spraggy (@spraggy) December 29, 2020

Did you play the overlay event? Let us know in the comments:

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