Speak or spar with Fury? How Ruiz can rise again



Andy Ruiz Jr explains in 2019 how his shock win over Joshua changed his life

Andy Ruiz Jr explains in 2019 how his shock win over Joshua changed his life

Andy Ruiz Jr has lost weight, is “focused on the prize” and should use Tyson Fury as the motivation to rise back to the top of the heavyweight division, says trainer Jorge Capetillo.
Six months after Ruiz Jr’s shocking win over Anthony Joshua to become world champion, he conceded the belts back in a rematch and admitted “partying” contributed to his downfall – similarly Fury’s weight ballooned amid mental health issues after he dethroned Wladimir Klitschko in 2015.But Fury is now WBC champion and plans to face IBF, WBA and WBO holder Joshua this year, a redemption which should inspire Ruiz Jr according to the trainer who knows them both personally. 1:25 Anthony Joshua’s proposed heavyweight bout against Tyson Fury is within ‘touching distance’, says Johnny Nelson Anthony Joshua’s proposed heavyweight bout against Tyson Fury is within ‘touching distance’, says Johnny Nelson Las Vegas-based Mexican Capetillo was in Ruiz Jr’s corner for his earliest fights and, more recently, was the cut-man who stitched up a terrible wound above Fury’s eye to keep him unbeaten against Otto Wallin.He has, as a result, benefitted from the generosity of both Ruiz Jr and Fury in the past year in an effort to keep him gym doors open, a place where the heavyweights could eventually meet.”It would be huge for me, professional and personally, if they could share the gym, share a chat, share how their families are,” Capetillo told Sky Sports about Ruiz Jr and Fury. “It would be positive motivation for Andy.”Andy knows that Tyson has also taken care of me. Andy speaks highly of Tyson. They share the same faith too.”Andy, like Tyson, is a man of faith and family. We all make mistakes. They have a good feeling for each other.”This is what life is about. We make mistakes, we fall down, but we have to get up and move forwards.”A fighter never loses because they get knocked down. They lose because they don’t get up.”I want Andy to prove to himself that it was not a lucky shot.”Because it was not lucky, let me tell you, because Joshua went down but got back up. Joshua didn’t run. But you saw what happened.”I would love to see Andy as a champion again.” 0:50 Ruiz Jr’s victory parade in his hometown after becoming champion Ruiz Jr’s victory parade in his hometown after becoming champion Joshua won the rematch to reclaim the IBF, WBA and WBO belts As the only man to defeat Joshua, Ruiz Jr could hold valuable secrets that Fury could learn, Capetillo said: “It would be a good plus, a good asset, but Tyson will handle Joshua because he is Tyson Fury and he is the best heavyweight in the division and the No 1 pound-for-pound.”Tyson has a huge IQ in the ring. He is a different type of fighter – reach, footwork, weight, IQ.”He has been cut, had 47 stitches, he’s been down, he’s got up. He knows how to beat Joshua.”Capetillo would love Fury and Ruiz Jr to share his gym ring for a sparring session.”It would be great, for sure,” he said. “That wouldn’t be an issue for either of them.”Tyson is a world champion, Andy a former world champion. I don’t see why not.”They don’t hold grudges, they are both willing to work.”Fury made a generous donation to Capetillo in March 2020, forever grateful for his crucial role in averting a disaster in the fight with Wallin.Now Capetillo has revealed: “Andy has been very generous with me. So I work with him to get him in the best shape possible.”He was so grateful to me for years. Even when we weren’t in camp together he never forgets about me.”He has helped me with the gym. He asks about my family.”He has been generous. He has said: ‘If you need something, let me know’.”He has paid me well when I work with him. To help myself, to help the gym. Always when he comes to work with me, he treats me very well.”He is a great kid, a humble kid with no grudges.”If you share love with your fighters, you receive love back.” Andy Ruiz Jr was Mexico’s first heavyweight champion Ruiz Jr has not fought since December 2019 when he lost the rematch with Joshua and, although he has since teamed up with Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez’s trainer Eddy Reynoso, their time together has been limited.The pandemic’s travel restrictions plus Reynoso’s commitment to Canelo, Ryan Garcia and Oscar Valdez has tasked Ruiz Jr with remaining disciplined away from his newest trainer’s daily watch.But Capetillo insists Ruiz Jr is changed from the champion who gave in to temptations: “Mentally, yes for sure. He has slowed down. He went crazy when he became the first Mexican heavyweight champion. He met the president!”Andy is a kid. He got distracted. Now I can see he is more calm with his family. He is getting back on track, especially mentally.”He has hunger again. He has tasted what it means to be a world champion. I can see he wants more! “But you have to be willing to sacrifice. So to be around Canelo, who has this mind-set day-in day-out, is a great influence for Andy.”His weight has gone down 25lbs. He looks very slim. He doesn’t want to show up to Reynoso looking rough.”


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