The biggest win my Trading/gambling career

WPH # 310: Splash Around ในเกมเงินสดสด!

I created a post before regarding my gambling and trading problem and i thought I solved the problem. but one commenter told me “You are a clown on a tightrope with a fire pit burning under you” and he/she was, i made my biggest win of my gambling career by walking away from trading. I took all my money out paid for my mortgage called my bank and close out my account. Now, i have zero money to gamble with. i also increased my direct deposit to my mortgage only leaving enough money for me to pay bills and buy minimum grocery. i have to budget really tight just to survive but at the same time building my equity and avoiding gambling all together.reading the posts of all who are suffering here made me realize that there is no way to beat the system.I tried to stop for the past three years but i couldn’t. i realized what was stopping me. it was the fear of missing out. the ultimate greed and psychological trigger to keep on playing. it also made me irrational with my decision making. i always thought high risk high reward was the way to make it big. but in reality it’s high risk no reward.Now i stopped thinking of future winnings, because in reality they are future losses. My ultimate win is not losing anymore money to this illness.without any further rambling. i want to thank everyone here who contributed and opened my eyes to the dangerous trapped i walked in to. Especially those who were very honest with me when i was in denial.i am not sure if this was said before “the true winner is the one who walks away from gambling”

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