Any advice to stop thinking about profit and stop betting?

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Hi, sorry if I misspell, I’m using google translator. So, I’m 17 years old and I don’t work (although I do jobs from time to time on the internet), the problem is that every time I have some money (Which is generally about $ 85 that my high school gives me for getting good grades) i spend it gambling, Suppose I have $ 100, instead of buying something useful with it, I think about what it could buy me if I bet it and turn it into 500, which leads me to lose everything and feel useless and a “failure”. I usually start out winning, but then I get carried away and lose everything. when I win something I think “well, if I win the next one I will withdraw the money” but it becomes a vicious cycle that I don’t get out of until I lose everything, gambling makes me feel bad and sick even when I win, so I only do it out of greed to try to have more. My parents don’t know that I spend it on that, and I don’t have a very good relationship with them either, so I don’t really want to tell them, i usually say i spent it on an adobe subscription or something like that, but it makes me feel “mediocre” and irresponsible. I think part of my problem is that I am from Venezuela and I never had a significant amount of money, and now that I emigrated and have some I just aspire to have more instead of being responsible with it. Anyway, I feel very bad about all this because it represents the opposite of what I try to be (I think in general I am a very mature and intelligent person for my age, but this addiction makes me feel the opposite, irresponsible and immature). I have not lost a looot of money (something like 200$ in 6 months) but it makes me feel very bad and I want to quit now that I’m out of debt before it becomes a serious problemSorry if I wrote too much, I just wanted to vent, any tip will be really appreciated, I have been reading this sub for a few hours and it has really helped me. Good luck yall❤️

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