GAMBLING is a vampire ! Not the [Twilight] kind , but it’s the [Resident Evil] kind !

Tuesday Major: Vinayak Bajaj เอาชนะ The Mint ใน Adda 52 Vaibhav Bhatia ชนะ Voyager Tourney

We always thought that we can earn some easy bucks from gambling, but always the case that we all knew what in the last page at the end. This vampire will not only suck dry our hard earn money , it also swallow away our precious time that we can use for more meaningful way to spend with loved ones.. it will take away our self esteem that makes us less confident in doing everything in life because we are ashamed of being broke,feeling let down our loved one. Not only that , it will take away your honesty as well, when comes to gambling , you will start know how to hide and lie in every way.. how silly.We kept going back to gambling is because we still believe the angel’s mask of gambling (we do win sometimes) until you reveal the true demon behind its mask (we always lose back more than what we won) . We will only stop this bad habit when we see thru it.. In a way I’m glad that I’ve hit the rock bottom to see thru clearly (of course I wish I dun need to reach the rock bottom to see thru).To those who are still struggling, please believe me that this addiction will only lead you to the edge of the cliff. Let us kill the demon now and it will never too late. Cheers ! Thanks for reading ! By sharing my thoughts will help me to heal and enhance my determination.

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