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Rajat Mahajan Prashanth Sekar Wins Final Day Of APT India Online Series 2021

As I sit in my hotel room comped by the casino, waiting for the limo service comped by the casino, to drop me off at the airport to board a flight comped by the casino, I think to myself: Is this really worth it? Was it worth it a few days ago for me to land in a new city, hit a hand pay jackpot my first night and later lose it all (and more)? The ups and downs of gambling are making me into a monster that I don’t even recognize. I’m alone on Valentine’s Day, on a “vacation” that I planned for me, myself and I. Did I really want a break from my day-to-day or was I just too ashamed to invite my family/friends onto a trip where I was going to enter another downward spiral? I am so tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck, max’ing out all of my credit cards, and being late paying my bills. I am not a suicidal person but sometimes I feel like I need a drastic end to all of this because I don’t feel like I have the willpower to stop this nonsensical cycle. To everyone on this thread posting the number of days they have gone without gambling, I commend you. How did you stop the cycle? What are your secrets to not living life lusting after an unreachable jackpot? submitted by /u/Complex_Street_5667 [comments]

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