Newspaper claims footballer won $100m at poker

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Put on your sceptical hat for this, but a newspaper is claiming that former Everton star Thomas Gravesen is one of the biggest winners in poker.

Thomas Gravesen

The Daily Star wrote that the Danish midfielder had won over $100 million playing poker since retiring from football and moving to the United States. 
At this stage it would be remiss of us to point out that the Daily Star in the UK is not exactly a Pulitzer winning publication. Also, mainstream media tend to get turnover and profit gravely mixed up in these stories. 
There are, however, rumours abound in poker that some of the biggest games and therefore biggest winners in poker are from the private games enjoyed by the rich and famous where most professionals are not allowed. Indeed, there is credible evidence to suggest that Rick Salomon and Tobey Maguire are two of the biggest winners in poker history from such games. 
The article also claims that Gravesen lost $54 million in a single heads-up session in Vegas. That actually has some secondary evidence to be found, as five years ago somebody made the same claim on 2+2. They also said Gravesen was up $80 million at the time. 
So it seems clear that Gravesen plays high stakes games and possibly has been a winner in them. However, it is probably better to wait for some respected players in the industry to confirm he is the real deal before we pay too much attention to the $100 million winner claims. 
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